Thursday, March 25, 2010

writing after a long time

My last post was in June last year, almost a year and still don't feel like writing. It is the same case, like with many, "want to write but when I sit all the thoughts become vague." But all this time I have gone through so many blogs by my friends, foes and unknowns. Reading blogs is so much fun sometimes that is it better than writing one. Knowing that just a handful of people will be reading your writeup and still continuing to write with same passion for months and months is a commendable work. Be it analyzing a situation or topic and presenting your views on it or bringing out your daily thoughts and life and putting it on paper for others to read; people do good job.
Just few days back I changed my dishwashing liquid from Ajax to Ivory, and the whole task of dishwashing changed for me and I wanted to write so much about it. The chore that had always been so boring to me has now become a happy one. This is because just a little drop of Ivory is tough on grease, leaves your hands soft, and gives light scent which makes the whole task enjoyable. This doesn't mean I keep doing dishes whole day. Well maybe a thing to laugh that I am writing about Ivory but what else will a housewife,who is hardly into jewelry, have to write if not about her new pots and pans or about her new vacuum cleaner.